A Great Non-Toxic Detangler for All Ages
Literally waist-length hair

True confession: I have not brushed my waist-lenght hair in about four days. I have been working in our basement, out in the yard, and taking the kids to the beach - and when the heat index is almost 100, it is easier to throw it up in a bun to get it off my neck, and move on with my day. 

So tangled my brush got stuck in there!

Eventually, this method of hair care creates a 1980's-level rat's nest under there! See the hairbrush stuck in my hair in the second picture? Getting all that worked out tends to mean quite a bit of time, and broken ends. This morning I even offered my 10-year old a dollar to help me brush it... he declined. 

In contrast, our two year old toddler has super curly hair. He is the only child in our house with super-curly hair; everyone else has hair so straight it doesn't even wave hello. So this whole curly hair thing is new for me. And like most toddlers, he hates having it brushed. It is always tangled, and bound up - and even more so when his curls are the cutest, and form lovely little ringlets around his head. 

Let's do one more: our five year old daughter has a tendency to rub here head back and forth while talking or singing or dancing in her car seat - and that also creates a rat's nest problem in the bottom layer of her hair. And though she'll stand still for it, she also hates having the tangles sorted out.

I don't like using the commercial detanglers on the market because of the chemicals and fragrances they use, and so far the detangling brushes have been an expensive waste of time because of how thick our hair is. 

Today I found the perfect solution! Would you believe that the same spray we use to clean our home provides a safe, non-toxic means of getting the nests out? First I spritzed it on the toddler, and then I let him spritz it on my hair, and the brush slid right through, leaving soft piles of curls on the toddler, and my own hair ready for finger brushing or a good braid. And the five year old doesn't have any trouble standing still for the brush when she knows we have our small bottle on hand for a final pass before church, family pictures, or even a trip into the store if she is looking particular wonky. 

I hope this gives you not only pain-free hair-brushing in the days to come, but also gets you thinking about what other ways you might use your Young Living products in your everyday life. Almost every product Young Living sells has an alternative use and makes cabinets a little more clutter-free, wallets have a little more saved in them since you're not purchasing individual products for every little thing, and days are a little easier. 


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