Releasing Emotional Baggage and Trauma

Releasing Emotional Baggage and Trauma
Did you know that your body stores, and continues to react to, the emotional blows of your past? 

I use a biofeedback tool called a Zyto Scanner to help see where the body is out of balance, and get ideas for what Young Living products might help bring the body back into balance most quickly. Yesterday, a friend's scan showed that she has high levels of "Anger" under the section talking about Inflammation.

My friend is not - outwardly - an angry person. But in the last year or so she has struggled with overcoming some past frustrations and, let's be real, sometimes people treat us like jerks. Even though my friend does not feel angry, her body is continuing to re-live the stories from the past as she hashes over the whys and hows and what-could-I-have-dones. 

The stories we tell over and over in our heads are the stories our bodies give a physical response to.

If she is not an angry person... why would she show inflammation relating to anger? And how does she let it go to move into a better place of balance? 

Like most of us, she has continued to look back at hard stories, to examine all the details and wondering why she can't move forward from those events. But what happens if we change the discussion we're having with ourselves? 

Let's change the tone and narrative of our conversations with ourselves!

When you awaken in the morning, don't talk about the details of what happened, instead accept that the events did happen, and that they have helped form you into who you are today. That you are a stronger person because of those events, and better able to handle whatever is coming next in life. That it is okay that those events happened, and it is okay to let those events go and appreciate who you are now

As you go through this process each day or each time you begin to think about what happened in the past, try to pay attention to what your mind is saying, how you feel, and how the rest of the day goes. Journal it so you have a log to look back on and see progress. It's easy to miss progress when it happens gradually, so a journal will help you get a fuller picture of what's going on in your journey. 

Want to know more about getting a Zyto scan to see where your body is - or is not - balanced? Feel free to message me. We can do scans remotely and don't even need to be in the same state!