Let’s Talk About Anxiety And Peopleing

My husband was in Iraq in 2007. At the time, I was home alone for 18 months with our three sons. It was rough. And a few times throughout that year, I faced anxiety attacks that took my breath away, and I needed to learn how to deal with them so I could continue taking care of my life, kids, job, and other obligations. Step inside and I'll share some of those tips and a few I've picked up in the years since then, with you here.


Ways to Combat "Monday"

When you most πŸ’₯ HATE πŸ’₯ an oil or are most πŸ’• drawn to πŸ’• an oil, those are the moments your body needs that most. How do you use it?

To paraphrase D Gary Young:

Put it in your hair
Put it on your back
Put it on your butt
I really don’t care
As long as you
put it everywhere!

Seriously- your body will get it to the right place and know just what to do with it. So if you πŸ’— it that day, put it up by your face where you can smell it - like a fine perfume! If you 😑 it that day, put it on your feet or ankles where it will be far from your face and can still have its affect without you being 🀒 all day.

#Oilup - it will make your stressful, hard days easier, and your happy days even better πŸ˜‰

Today Is Yours - Get out and grab it!

Today is YOURS!! Go grab it and make amazing things happen! I’m cheering for you ♥️
~ Melissa