Learning About Oils: Angelica

Learning About Oils: Angelica

Let’s talk about Angelica - distilled from the root of the Angelica Angelichus plant. (We’re not talking about White Angelica. That's different.) 

Angelica oil is referred to as the “oil of angels.” It has soothing and calming aromatic qualities that helps create a relaxing environment, heightening spiritual awareness, and fostering feelings of inner peace.

Angelica is distilled from the seed/root of the plant and has historically been used in Nordic medicine. In modern day, many people use Angelica to help with 
> digestion, 
> quitting bad habits, 
> improving memory skills (I’ll be using it for this with 8 kids!), 
> One study looked at its possible use to help with getting up during the night to *ahem* go
> releasing emotional distress
> better sleep
and more... (but the government requires me to tell you to look those things up yourself.) 

The essential oil is primarily distilled from the root of the plant, but the stems, leaves, and flowers are used by herbalists everywhere. 

One of my missions on the Essentially Curious page is to help you release stress and find peace. Angelica can be helpful for emotional balance, and might even help release past hurts and move forward in life. 

Angelica can be purchased as a single or it can be found in Awaken, Forgiveness, Harmony, Grounding, Live with Passion, and Oola Balance, and Surrender.

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