Sharing My Joy

I love to dance around the kitchen while I work. I put some good music on and boogie my way around. I don't care how geeky that looks. I even think it's good for the kids to see enthusiasm in something, to see joy and excitement and to share that. And this year, it has been a little harder for people around me to find that moment of joy. 

So as we roll into Thanksgiving week, here is my challenge to you: Rediscover yourself.

What gets you passionate for life? 
What makes your heart jump? 
What JOY do you find to share with those around you each day? 

When I was younger, I was moved one day - by what exactly, I don't know - but I threw my arms out from my sides and enjoyed the sensation of the wind and the joy of the moment. The friend who was with me at the time asked, "What are you celebrating?"

I had no response then. I was embarrassed for my moment of child-like joy and revelation (I was 18 and that wasn't "cool.") Now, how I wish I had said that I was celebrating LIFE and the JOY of the moment. That friend, though we are no longer in touch, would have understood. I pray to show my kids that having that kind of love for life and joy is "okay." 

And if someone else doesn't like it, does that person's opinion matter?