Scooby Doo is, Like, So Deep Man

Scooby Doo is, Like, So Deep Man
When my oldest three children were little, we took a trip to a used bookstore in Texas. It was quite large, and out of all the many books they were selling, my young progeny chose a multi-story Scooby Doo book. It is not my least favorite book to read - that honor goes to Berenstain Bears - but it comes close. Doing Scooby Doo's doggy voice is not my idea of a fun time, and you can't read Scooby Doo without the voice! That $5 book has floated around our house for years. 

And so of course they all love the original animated Scooby Doo show now too. While they watched an episode before dinner last night, it occurred to me that Scooby Doo really has some deeper messages to contemplate beyond whether Shaggy has a doobie at night.

Another of my children, who is five, has been having bad dreams lately. We've done a number of things to help her relax and get good, deep, restful sleep: she asks for oils like Valor to help her fight bad guys in her sleep, we talk about taking control in our dreams, and the other day we practiced saying "GO AWAY! YOU'RE NOT WANTED HERE!!" over and over. And she has slept in our bedroom at night the last few nights. And I put Valerian oil on her feet too so her mind will shut. down. 

After my realization last night, we're also going to talk about the bad guys in Scooby Doo. Shaggy and Scooby are so afraid of the monster in each show, and they spend the bulk of the show running, hiding, and eating their way away from the bogeyman, they use the wrong tools to hide because they don't take time to learn what Velma has figured through research. The rest of the Mystery Inc. gang work on solving the mystery by looking for more information and gathering clues - and then they use the tools they find nearby to help them catch the bad guy. For all of Shaggy and Scooby's anxiety throughout the show, the bogeyman is never really a monster: he is a regular person trying to scare others away. 

Do you have a bogeyman in your life? One of those things that scare you because you are missing a piece of information, or because you haven't done enough research to know what you don't know? Which Scooby Doo character are you? Are you a Velma, doing careful research? Or a Fred, ready to take action? Maybe you're Scooby and Shaggy, hiding in a kitchen cabinet, afraid to look out. Each of these characters have access to the same tools. Each of them uses the same props differently as they approach the bogeymen they face. 

Do you have essential oils and supplements taking up space in your cabinets? Do you read about them in your reference guide, looking to learn more and use them to help overcome challenges? Do you put them on daily on whatever skin is , whether or not you know what their purpose is? Or... do they gather dust and the bogeyman in your life continues to plague you with restless sleep, hormone imbalances, bad attitudes, or physical discomfort? 

What if the tools you already have - the oils, supplements, or friends you've met along the way can help? What if you could unmask the scary element in life and sleep more deeply when you lay down? What if all it took was taking those tools out, and using them once a day every day and track how it makes you feel? 

What if you don't have the tools and need a Velma to help you get the answers you're looking for? If you need a Velma in your life to help with the research part - send me a message. I'm here for you.