20 Minute Meal in Pictures - Southwest Stir Fry
This meal is a family favorite and even the kids eat it up! It is super versatile and can be made in a hurry and has lots of great nutritional options to it. I am putting the recipe on here in pictures, it's that easy to make! Enjoy!

(For ease of grocery buying, the ingredient list is below the  pictures - Would love opinions on this style of recipe sharing!)

 The basics
Throw it in and saute
Saute until the asparagus (or spinach if you like - or leave the green veg out) is bright green but still slightly crunchy

Quick fry a corn tortilla to soften

Put the veggie mix on top of the tortilla with a bit of cheese...

Possible toppers

Make extra, they are likely to ask for seconds!
The Ingredient List:

Olive oil
Half an onion, chopped
Can of black beans
One small green bell pepper, chopped
One small red (or other color) bell pepper, chopped
Cumin (I'm a huge cumin fan, so put in as much as you like!)
Salt (black beans need salt but make this to taste)
Cube of veggie bouillon
1 1/4 c. frozen corn
Can diced chili peppers
Four or five asparagus spears, or alternately a large handful of fresh spinach
Corn or flour tortillas (or tortilla chips - this makes a good dip for later on too)*
1 or 2 tomatoes, roughly chopped*
1 or 2 ripe avocados, peeled and roughly chopped*
Shredded cheese*
Sour Cream*



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