Take 2 Actions and Change Your Life
Do these two things for yourself each day and in 30 days, you will have a different perspective on your life. That's a bold statement, I know - but I am so confident about it, that I'm sharing it with you here. 

1. Upon waking up, and after you turn off your alarm, don't do anything else on your phone before you say "thank you". When we start each day thankful even for the smallest act of having breath, waking up, opening our eyes, we start our day in a position ready to see and accept the blessings that come our way throughout the day.
2. When you go to the bathroom, which is likely the next thing you do after your feet hit the floor, look yourself in the eye - physically go to the mirror and look at your face, look at your eyes, and really see that person. Hold your gaze with that person in the mirror for four or five minutes. 

When was the last time you looked at that person? Really looked?

There was a minor social experiment done wherein Dr. Arthur Arun had two strangers gaze into one another's eyes for four minutes. You can look that up to see what happened in detail, but the TL;DR version is that the two strangers felt a strong connection. They felt bonded in some way. They felt a sense of gratitude and appreciation.

That person is probably one of the people you ignore the most in your life, if you're anything like me. This exercise of gazing into your own eyes will likely bring up some very powerful emotions. It will likely make you uncomfortable at first, but if you can't rely on that person, who else can you turn to?
Tell that person you love them; tell them you honor them and appreciate all the things they do for you each day. Tell that person that today is going to be a great day and that you're glad you're in this path with them, and that there is no one else who can be what they are. 

By the end of a week, you're likely to be more comfortable with that person. By the end of two weeks, you'll feel more bonded and look for ways to honor that person more. You'll begin to trust their instincts. You'll appreciate them. 
If you really want to know how you're changing over the course of the month, keep a journal. Jot a note in there at the end of each day with a quick shot of how the day went. 
If you want to enhance the experience, use essential oils like Gratitude, White Angelica, Valor, Hope, Envision,Clarity, Magnify Your Purpose, Acceptance, Abundance, 3 Wise Men... There is a long list of oils that would be good for this exercise. Try a different one each day or every two days. Or see which one you're inexplicably drawn to each morning, and use that one. Your body knows what it needs. 

And when you see it making a difference - send your friends and those you love to this blog. Help create a chain reaction. It's life changing. 


  1. I love this. Will definitely try this Melissa
  2. Debbie McMaster  09/19/2022 02:48 PM Central
    I love this, Melissa! I plan to give it a try!

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