The Great Day Protocol
Gary Young faced many challenges in his lifetime, from physical needs to government oversight, to running and building a business and appealing to millions of families, and so on. I’m sure each of these challenges brought about stressful moments, affecting the body physically, spiritually, and emotionally. So he developed an essential oil protocol that helped him cope: the Great Day Protocol. 

In the next week or two, I’ll be posting more here about this amazing four-oil collection that changes the way I view my day and makes things easier to handle. And when I handle the stress of life better, I get a lot more done, have more energy, and am kinder to the folks (big and small!) around me.

How did Gary use these oils??
1 - drop of Valor on the left wrist, rub your wrists together like perfume
2 - drop of Harmony on the abdomen above the belly button
3 - Drop of Joy above the heart
4 - drop of White Angelica on the palms, rub them lightly all over hair, head, face, and neck

How does it feel? ❤

This is one of those collections with a foo foo lala name that I might have passed over just based on the names, but a longtime ago I decided to pick up a new oil or collection to try out at least every other month, use it every day for a month, and see what happens. This is one of those kits and I have NOT been let down!

If you have an account, grab this protocol and give it 30. If you don’t have an account, I would be delighted to send you a gift when you order using my referral # (1390866) and walk with you every step of the way while you try essential oils for (maybe) the first time!


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