Sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth, and you don't know what to grab, or what to use to balance everything out. Abigail McDonald is going to share some Essential Oils for aromatherapy and topical use. Take a few minutes to learn about her faves, and comment your own for us to try.

Abby's list includes 
  • Abundance
  • Peace & Calming
  • Idaho Grand Fir
  • Lavender
  • Valor
  • Joy
  • Stress Away
  • Vetiver (super thick - warm it up in your hand to get it flowing!)
  • CBD Calm roller
How amazing will you feel if you put each of these on the back of your neck - right over your brain stem - and breathe them in, where they'll get into your system and already start boosting your mood in **22 SECONDS**. Balance, uplift, calm - even ONE of these will totally reset your day. I speak from experience here. Trust me.

Pick three of these, use them every day - and see what happens. 


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