There are SO many hair care products on the market! I don't know about you, but going to that section of any store can be quite overwhelming. In this short video, Abby McDonald walks us through some of her favorites and how they've helped her get her hair ready for her upcoming wedding!! Bonus content is her personal recipe for a Mermaid Spritz to smooth hair out and help detangle it. *Swooning* over here!!

Oh, y'all.



She even covers the difference between the Young Living shampoos and conditioners. Have you ever wondered?? I have, and I joined in 2012! 

What other oils and supplements are on Abby's list today? Sneak peek below... 

  • Mirah Hair Oil
  • Agilease (yes, believe it or not - watch the clip to find out why!)
  • Super Bs
  • NingXia Red
  • Sulfurzyme
  • Mermaid Spritz recipe (Not giving those ingredients away - you just have to watch)
Love you all - I'm heading out now to try that Mermaid Spray!

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  1. Great information! I love the Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol Spray. On Fb the other day a few ppl were not liking the smell. The tips are great about the shampoos too.

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