Navigating Junior High

Navigating Junior High
In looking back through my youth, the time of my life that I look back on with the most embarrassment and discomfort, is junior high. That stage between 11 and 13, where you're too old to keep playing little kid games, and think you know everything, but aren't old enough to accept that you don't (know everything, that is), and to top it all off, you want very much to be accepted by a group... any group.. and in the pursuit, you lose a lot of yourself for a little while and make some really un-wise decisions. Anyone else feel that way about those years?


Simplifying All Of Life

A long-running theme in our lives is simplification. It is one of those things we have to keep doing and re-doing over time as gifts come in, new babies are added to the family, moves happen... you know: Life occurs! 

So let's talk about budgeting, our...

Sharing My Joy

I love to dance around the kitchen while I work. I put some good music on and boogie my way around. I don't care how geeky that looks. I even think it's good...

What’s Your Compass?

If the recent changes in education have you pondering whether or not maybe you could homeschool after all, but you don’t know where to start, this is the blog post for you.

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Ways to Combat "Monday"

When you most πŸ’₯ HATE πŸ’₯ and oil or are most πŸ’• drawn to πŸ’• an oil, those are the moments your body needs that most. How do you use it?

To paraphrase D Gary Young:

Put it in your hair
Put it on your back
Put it on your butt
I really don’t care
As long as you
put it everywhere!

Seriously- your body will get it to the right place and know just what to do with it. So if you πŸ’— it that day, put it up by your face where you can smell it - like a fine perfume! If you 😑 it that day, put it on your feet or ankles where it will be far from your face and can still have its affect without you being 🀒 all day.

#Oilup - it will make your stressful, hard days easier, and your happy days even better πŸ˜‰
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